In this site, you will be able to view

  • The Genealogy tree of the first Farhi families, Isaac (France 12th Century), a list and chart of the major Farhi branches.
  • The data sheet for each Person and Family and their descendants
  • A bibliography of articles and books published on the Farhi.
  • Links to other genealogy sites
  • Photos of Farhi and other families (as submitted by their family or descendants)
  • A form to fill in and email back to add or amend personal data records
  • Two pages of the Farhi Bible and Jericho's walls.
  • 19th century Damascus map showing the location of the Farhi houses.
  • List of Farhi who landed at Ellis Island
  • List of Farhi who attended the schools of l'Alliance Universelle Israelite.
  • List of Bulgarian Farhi who died during WW1.
  • List of Farhi who died ( from 1945 to 1997) during Israel's wars
  • List of US Social Security records for the Farhi.
  • List of weddings & deaths of the Farhi in Istanbul (1880 to 1980). We have added a new tree named Farhi from Istanbul, the 349 names represent Farhi weddings listed in the records of the Jewish Community from the 1880's to the 1980's. Each family is shown separately.
  • List of births of the Farhi in Izmir (19th & 20th Century) See separate Izmir Tree. We have added a new tree named Farhi from Izmir, the 265 names represent Farhi families listed in the records of the Jewish Community from the late the 19th century. Each family is shown separately. These records written in Ladino and turkish were submitted by John Farhy whose son Jeffrey visited Izmir in the 90's and got a copy from Refael Farhi, an Izmir resident at that time.
  • Current map of Izmir showing the location of Tire (near Manisa) where the Farhi from Damascus came from (in the 18th century).
  • List of Farhi who immigrated to Israel between 1940 to 1946.