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Sephardic Sites
Sephardic Genealogy Sources
Sephardic French Tsarfatit Website
Sephardic House
Home of the Ottoman Sephardim (moved)
The Sephardi Connection
AJOE - Association des Juifs originaires d'Egypte. - - - en France.
Association Internationale Nebi Daniel -Association for the safeguard of the heritage of the Jews of Egypt.
HSJE Historical Society of Jews from Egypt
Jewish Genealogy Organisation
Babylonian Jewry
Saudades: Portuguese Sephardic History
The Sephardic World on the Internet
Sefarad: European Sephardic Institute
BSZNet: Gateway to Sephardic Resources
Sephardim.Com: Research Tools for Sephardic Genealogy Research
Singapore Sephardic Jewish Community
The Karaite Jews of America
The Egyptian Jewish community of France
Les Juifs du Pape, par Jean-Claude Cohen
The Jews of Shanghai
The Genealogy Records of Istanbul, Turkey (full Farhi wedding & death records are also available on this site)
The Genealogy Records of Aleppo, Syria
Sephardic News
The Jews of Allepo
FASSAC, Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture
Sephardic Links and Web Sites
GenAmi , Association française de généalogie juive.
World Congress of Jews of Egypt (WCJE)

American Sephardi Federation, Jewish Refugees From Arab Countries
Jews From Arab Countries
Avotaynu Publishers of Works on Jewish Genealogy
The Jews of Morocco Les Juifs du Maroc

The Jews of Lebanon Les Juifs du Liban

The Wedding and Death records from the Jewish Community of Istanbul
was taken off line (from 1870-)
The Istanbul Jewish Genealohy Project Request for data must be made by email to the Istanbul Community
The World Congress of Jews from Egypt.
International Sephardic Leadership Council
Tzarfatit, Sephardic Site
The Aleppo Death and Wedding records
Asoc. Genealogia Judia de Argentina
Noticias del Mondo Sefardi (Argentina)
Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latino Americanos CEMLA
Association des Juifs Originaires d'Egypte- Canada
Forum des Communautés Originaires du Maroc
Les Juifs D'Egypte. Photo Album of that community by David Lisbona and many others.
Curaçao Sephardic Jewry Genealogical Data by Sandra R. de Marchena
United Hebrew Cemetery & Montefiore Cemetery Congregation Rodfe Zedek (Cemeteries of the Syrian Community of NY/NJ).
Brasil Immigration Visa applications from 1900 to 1965
São Paulo Burial records of the Associação Cemitêrio Israelita de São Paulo, Chevra Kasisha Säo Paulo Cemetery
Argentina Argentina Immigration
Buenos Aires Burial records Zicaron
France INSEE Burial records 1970 to present & Centre Généalogique du Finistere : Déces de l'INSEE (de 1970 a actuellement)
Melbourne Australia Burial Records
Salta Burial records on Facebook Salta Burials
Congregation Rofeh Zedek (NY & NJ) Burial records, United Hebrew Cemetery

The Iraqi Archives. website about the preservation of the Iraqi archives
The Jews and the Study of History in Interwar Egypt 1920s-1940s, by Dario Miccioli 2012.
The Barrow, Lousada, Mocatta, Montefiore genealogy website.

Sephardic Jews in Central, Eastern, and Southern Ukraine by Kevin Alan Brook.
History of Jewish Kobe Japan (1936-2000), by David Moche & Lisa Sopher.
Memorial Plaques of the Chao Chu Kang Rd cemetery of Singapore

Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire:
Sefarad , la" patria" de los sefardies? (in Spanish) by Pilar Romeu, Sefarad the "homeland" of the Sephardim in English.
Revue de l'Histoire Juive en Egypte publiée par La Société d'Etudes Historiques Juives d' Egypte 1947

Jewish Press articles from various newspapers in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East.
Jewish Heritage Sites in Turkey Jewish Sites in Turkey by Tom Broshnahan
Imperial Creditors, "Doubful" Nationalities and Financial Obligations in late Ottoman Syria. Rethinking Ottoman Subjecthood and Consular Protection by Aviv Derri

Sephardic Forum
Discussion Group for Sephardic Genealogy

General Genealogy Pages
Cyndi's List (includes Social Security Death Index)
Genealogy Online
Genealogy Today
Genealogy Pages: The World's Premier Genealogy Portal
Genealogy Exchange and Surname Registry
Family Tree History
Social Security website and links
Hebrew Calendar Converter
My Heritage
My Heritage Research
JWorld by Famillion
The National Archives (Kew, England UK)
USA-People Search - Genealogy Links

Local Pages- Many Genealogy Links
Family tree templates available in PDF form from Obituary Help
People Finders (A Genealogy Resource Guide for Kids)
The Ultimate Guide to Genealogy Resources on the Internet
General Genealogy Links by
SALT Research
Getting Started in Genealogy by Claire Mitchell (UK)
Genealogy Indexer
FIBIS Families in British Society in India (Welcome to the world of British India family history)
Free Genealogy Resources
Top 100 Genealogy Sites
Resources for Military Families
How to Travel to Find Your Roots
Genealogy and the Law
Billion Graves
A Beginner's Guide to Building a Family Tree Online
Ultimate Genealogy Guide

Military Indexes
Dealspotr Ressources
Genealogy Ressources on line

The Complete Ressource Guide

Genealogy Research Sites (includes Rootsweb & WorldConnect) (plus Bing & Yahoo) (
il registro é’ pubblicato nel sito pubblico ANTENATI del Ministero dei Beni Culturali italiano)
The Jewish Community of the South Manchester Suburb of Didsbury (1891-1914)

Jewish Genealogy Pages
Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
Genealogy of Jamaica
Netherlands Society for Jewish Genealogy
Avotaynu: Publisher of Works on Jewish Genealogy
Avotaunu Online : Research into the origins and migrations of the Jewish people
Jewish Genealogy Links
Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
Iraqi Jews Genealogy
Italian Family History: Jewish Genealogy in Italy
The International Journal of Jewish Genealogy
The Center for Research on Dutch Jewry
L'Union des Juifs d'Egypte à Tel-Aviv
Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Jewish Community
Rhodes Jewish Museum
Jewish Genealogy in Sicily
Mount of Olives Tombstones Index
The Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Reseach Group (Archival Holocaust data)
The Jews of Peru

Family Pages
Abravenel Families
Alkana Genealogy
Amar Families
Agassi Families
Attie-Bigio-Matalon Genealogy
Rachel Attie's
Elisabeth Antebi
Antebi Website by Elioz Heifer, in Hebrew

Shabtay Farhi Memorial Page
Behmoiras Family
Ram Farhi
Nahman Genealogy
Costi Family Tree by Ronny Costi
The Dayan of Aleppo
Irina Farhi
Jamaican Jewish Genealogy
Harari Genealogy
Hardoon Family
DeMercado Family of Jamaica
Sidney Aiche's Algerian Jewish Family
Daniel Kazez Family
Ricky Marek
Gaston & Georgette Farhi
Donna Farhi
Graziella Berberian (nee Picciotto)
Henri Picciotto
Danielle de Picciotto
Solomon Picciotto
Mark Picciotto
Hazan Family
Cicurel, Jabes, Cattaui, Rossi, de Botton
Lichaa, Elichaa (full tree is also available on this site)
Irit Dabby
Souroujon Families
Modiano Genealogy
Ottolenghi Family
Obadia Family
The Mendes da Costa Family
The Cherezli Family
The Rowberry One-Name Study
Nizard family, link 1,
link2, link3
Tal Ron
Graham, Greenberg & Goodenday Families.
Farhi from Iran, Photos
Levenston families
Sawdayee families
Cornaille & Cattelin
Nicholas Farhi
Deman & Cattiau
Kamkhaji - Maslaton Tarrab Families
Ben Nahman (The Nahmans of Gerona-- Our family history and the history of the Jews of Spain.)
Dan Farhi (1986-2005), Memorial page
Elie Sutton Alien at Home- Life in Aleppo
Toledano Families by Yacov-Tal Toledano
Matalon Families by Leanne Matalon
Abraham & Rachel Banon by Michel Chriqui
Welcome to Mogador
Klingbeil Families
Gabbai Family by R Wagner
Shealtiel website. History of the Shealthiel family.
Assayag Family by Michel Assayag
The Sassoon Dynasty by Cecil Roth (pubished in 1941)
The Ophir Family by Miron Ophir
The Farhi Family History by Daniel Farhi.
Yvonne Capuano née Molho (1924-2019) autobiography (2006 interview) about her life in Salonica and Greece.
Maurice Nahman (1868-1948) Antiquities Collector, Dealer and Authority. Talk by Iman Aldulfattah for the American Research Center in Egypt.
In Damascus, Restoring Beit Farhi and the City's Jewish Past, by Tim Beddow in the Smithsonian Magazine June 10, 2009
Farhi Family History, a historical compilation and review of the Farhi surname byDr. Daniel Farhi-Farhey.

Surname Searches
The SurnameWeb
Family Tree Maker
Leister Pro
Church of the Latter Day Saints
Search for Surnames at JewishGen
World GenWeb
Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
London Jews Database
Farhi listing at Sephardic House
Farhi listing in France
Ellis Island Immigration Records
British Births, Marriages and Deaths ( 1837 to 2001)
Dutch Births, Marriages and Deaths ( since 1780 ) GenLias
One Step Search to many US databases (Stephen P Morse)
Sephardic &Spanish surnames in Italy, From a book: Mechoulan, Henry (dir.); Abitbol, Michel - Les juifs d'Espagne: Histoire d'une diaspora (1492-1992)
Les Noms des Familles Sépharades par Rav Yehoshua Dufour
Beirut Jewish Cemetery. Index of all tombstones by Nagi Zeidan.
People Records. Website for public records.
Ship's Passenger Lists. Site recommended by Chloe, an elementary school student.
Les Juifs du Maghreb et leur noms. List of jewish surnames from North Africa.
Brazil Immigration Visa Applications by tourists and immigrants (personal data and photos)
Index of Jewish Surnames in Cairo in the 20th Century (about 1,689 names) by Jacob Rosen

Jewish surnames in the Levant on Avotaynuonline,com by Jacob Rosen-Koenigsburch., Alexandria (Updated Dec 2022), Cairo (Updated 2022), Damascus (Updated Dec 2021), Baghdad (Updated April 2020), Aleppo (Updated Nov 2023), Beirut (Updated Jan 2024). Searchable database of these surnames on the Jewish Telegraph Agency..

Index of deaths in FranceINSEE Index of death (1979-2019) by INSEE.
French National Archives records.
Iraqi Jews who left Baghdad during the 1960's and 1970's.
Hoop Lane Cemetery (London) burial search

General Interest
Latin American Jewish Studies
Synagogues-Jews in Arab Lands
Jews from Egypt
Egyptian Judaica
Les Juifs du Liban
Postcard collection of Jewish people and sites
The Jews of Cuba
France Birth Statistics
Bassatines News
The Jews of Iraq
The Jacques Hasson Organisation (ASPCJE)
Old Damascus ( the religions of Old Damascus)
The Milano Jewish Community
UGEI Unione Giovani Ebrei Italia
History of the Farhi in Farsi
The Farhi Collection
The Farhi House. How Did They Afford to Live Here in a Place Like This?.
Jewish Quarter Blooms Again (Jerusalem Post 5 Nov 2010 by Ksenia Svetlova)
The Jewish Web Index (a web site with links to many Jewish websites)
Women's Lens Blog ( Created and animated by Aimee Kligman nee Dassa)
Jewish Photos Archive including many from the Middle East (by Stephanie Comfort)
Les Juifs d'Egypte, a Photo Archive by David Lisbona
Egyptian 1941 Telephone Directory, selected pages from a 200 page Directory of Jewish buinesses, business and professional men by David Lisbona
Egyptian 1941 Telephone Directory (in English, in French), searchable database of selected entries from the same 1941 Telephone Directory by Mathilde Tagger, Roger Bilboul & Jeff Malka.
Photos du Lycee Pasteur A Sao Paulo, a Photo Archive by Eric Dubois-Millot
Milliyet Gazetearsivi, wedding and death notices from Milliyet Newspaper archives in Istanbul ( 1930-1990).
Le Mondain Egyptien (Egyptian Who's Who's 1939)
Les Archives de l"Aurore (1909-1941) Istanbul then Cairo
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy History and several lnks to sites.
A list of DNA Testing Companies produced by a for-profit website.
Sephardic Jews in Belarus by Kevin Alan Brook in ZICHRONNOTE, newsletter of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society, volume 38, number 1/2 (February/May 2018) on pages 5-6
Les Juifs du Liban {Rapport Minoritaire} in both French and English.
Les Juifs d'Egypte, a Photo Archive by David Lisbona
Interview of Cesar Ezra Lagnado in Arabic 2019
Association of Jews of Egypt (AJE - UK) 2001-2008 newsletters published by Maurice Maleh.
The Jews of Tiré website by Murat Sanur.
Imigrante judeus do Oriente Médio: Sao Paulo e Rio de Janeiro
, Jewish immigration to Brasil from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and other places in the Middle East. Book in Portuguese by Rachel Mizrahi Blomberg.

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