Voici tous les Farhi (soldats bulgares) qui sont tombes au front pendant la Guerre des Balkans (1912-1913) et La Premiere Guerre Mondiale (1915-1918).

Below is a list of the Farhi soldiers from Bulgaria who died in action in the Balkan (1912-1913) and WW1 (1915-1918) Wars:


Nom Prenoms Deces Lieu de naissance
Name First Name Death Birth Place

Farhi Eliya Chelebi 1917 Vidin
Farhi Liyachi Chelebi 1918 Vidin
Farhi Adolf Nis. 1918 Sofia
Farhi Avraam 1913 Sofia
Farhi Avraam Jacov 1916 Sofia
Farhi Avraam Raphael 1918 Russe
Farhi Avraam Raphael 1918 Shumen
Farhi David Solomon 1918 Sofia
Farhi Jaco M. 1918 Plovdiv
Farhi Jacques Solomonov 1916 Sofia
Farhi Joseph Bohor 1918 Sofia
Farhi Leon 1918 Sofia
Farhi Leon Moshe 1918 Shumen
Farhi Moshe Isaac 1912 Sofia
Farhi Moshe Jaco 1912 Shumen
Farhi Samuel Chelebon 1912 Russe
Farhi Shmuel Emanuil 1912 Shumen
Farhi Simanto Avraam 1917 Shumen


2nd Lieut Leon Behor Farhi b 23 Oct 1883 was sent to the Front in 1917. He may have been the one who died in 1918.