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For an brief overview of Les Fleurs and how to surf the site, click on User's Guide

Les Fleurs de l'Orient website has a new look with Tabs in the headers & a three sections layout. The left one has the menus and links for pages now displayed in the center. The right column is for messages displayed on all pages. In addition to the old message board, a new Forum for on line discussions on various topics has been added. To expand and zoom the center pane, position the mouse over the window and right click on the mouse. From the menu, select "Frame", then "View in New Window".

The Genealogy databases are making easier the search and displaying of the data. Click on Advanced Search and fill in the fields the words you need to search on. You can view these Databases in French, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German. Select the Language of your choice.

You do not need a Login account to view the data. As you cannot make changes to your genealogy data on line, please sent changes to be recorded by the webmaster off line. An account is needed only if you wish to see the information not generally shown to the General Public. Prior approval by the Webmaster will be required.

Click on What's New to see the history of the we site's content.

Click on the Surname Index. You will be presented with a list of names for all persons contained in this site. Pick first a family name and then a first name. If the first name does not appear on the page, click on Next and you will be presented with another page and so on. Once you find his/her first name and click on it, you will be transported to a family group page containing the person selected. Click on a person name to see his or her personal data (living persons excluded). Navigate up and down the tree by clicking on any underlined name.

Numerals following a fact or note denote reference links. For example: Birth: ca 1730. Name cards are linked to their sources. Most of the information came from the descendants of these families, the documents contained in the bibliography and the British/French Foreign office records.

Click on Data Form to access a genealogy form to be filled to update your family data.

Click on Links to see other sites that contains Genealogy information.

Surname Lists & Indexes

You have the choice of viewing the data under two presentations.

New Language Selection and Login Accounts

We updated the software that generates the "new view". It includes several new features:

  • Language: you can select the language of the display ( French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Portugese and Dutch),
  • Login Account: if you have submitted data to the site, you can view the private data which is not available to the general public. To do so, you will need an ID and Password. If you qualify, please request one from the Webmaster.


These pages are written in either English and/or French. For a convenient translation to another language, please use the Google translation engines.


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