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of Alain Farhi


The Fleurs de l'Orient Website , July 2023 presentation at the 43rd IAJGS International Conference (London) (36 minutes)

The Farhi of Damascus, their History and Mansions , August 2023 presentation at the 43rd IAJGS International Conference (London) (47 minutes)

The Farhi of the Levant , March 2021 lecture sponsored by Sephardic Genealogy on the Farhi of the Ottoman Empire (1h and 8 minutes).

The Farhi of Damascus January 2021 Lecture sponsored by on the Farhi from Damascus (1h and 44 minutes)

The Jewish Community from Egypt, December 2020 presentation sponsored by Sephardic Voice on the Jews in Egypt (25 minutes)

The History and Accomplishements of Dr. Hillel Farhi,, March 2022 presentation with my siblings sponsored by the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities in Bahrain at their pre-friday night shabbat meeting. Sarine De Picciotto lights the candles and Albert reads a portion of the Saturday's perasha. I am inroduced at time marker 8:44mn, my talk starts at marker 9:50mn and lasts 13 minutes.

The Fascinating Origin and Riveting History of Sephardi Jewry , May 2022 presentation sponsored by Abraham-Events (90 minutes)

The Jews in Egypt, my adolescence, November 2022 presentation sponsored by the Ramaz Middle School (39 minutes)


Un itin�raire personnel, du Caire a New York by Alain Farhi (in French) in Généalo-J Revue française de généalogie juive, No 148, Décembre 2021, Paris.

The Legacy of the 1840 Damascus Affair by Alain Farhi in Dorot, the Journal of The Jewish Genealogical Society, Summer 2021 Vol 42 Number 4

The Farhi Family in Egypt 1899-1967, chapter prepared for Congregation Shearith Israel of New York for its Out of Egypt celebration (2019).

Les Fleurs de l'Orient Honors Mathilde Tagger, Avotaynu Volume XXXI Number 2 Summer 2015

Les Fleurs de l'Orient Honors British Genealogists, Shemot UK 2015

Les Fleurs de l'Orient Articulo Sefardi, Avotaynu Volume XXXI Number 2 Sumer 2015. Spanish version by Michelle Cababie

The Jews of Lebanon, Presentation at the 32nd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genalogy (15 -18 July 2012) in Paris, Avotaynu Winter 2013

L'Histoire de la creation du site des Fleurs de l'Orient Site des Fleurs
AJOE 2011

The Jews of Lebanon, Avotaynu Winter 2013

Preliminary Results of Sephardic DNA Testing, Avotaynu Volume XXIII Number 2 Summer 20o7

Major Sephardic Internet Site: Les Fleurs de l'Orient, Avotaynu Volume XXI Number 1 Spring 20o5

Back to the Nile,. Two nostalgic trip reports of visits (1997 & 1998) with my family 30 years after leaving Egypt.


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