Farhi 2nd Reunion Dinner (2005)

A 2nd Farhi Reunion dinner was held on May 16th at the Genie d'Or in Paris (the same location as the 2002 event) . Dinner was attended by about 26 guests. Sandy Davis came from Australia, Sonia Heifetz from Sweden. Daniel Farhi of Geneva filmed the whole evening, interviewed the participants and will make a movie.

Farhi Dinner Reunion (2002)

On May 13, 2002, about 40 Farhi and their spouses met for dinner in Paris. The event was organized by the Farhi of Paris. For more details on the event and pictures of those in attendance, please click on the following link Paris Reunion Dinner.

At the same time, a Farhi reunion was held in Instanbul and a telephone link was established. The Istanbul meeting was organised by Adriana Dinar.